As we close out 2013, we have some awards to hand out to our members. These are our first annual Royal City CrossFitties…

Loudest lifter: Jon Lippett

Sweatiest lifter: Madé Quay

Most likely to miss the warmup: Jake Domm

Most likely to show up 45min early, lift twice as heavy as prescribed, flip the car home, and then tell everyone he sees how much he lifted: Justin Zottl

Most likely to bike to the box in a snowstorm: Dawn Larson

Most likely to show up in different set of nanos every day of the week: Brock Mount

Most likely to handstand walk to the gym: George Mason

Most likely to MacGyver equipment for rope climbs from household items: Jenny Howes

Most likely to unknowingly be doing a different WOD than anyone else: Michelle Boyd

Most likely to NEVER wear a shirt: Ethan Brown

Mostly likely to NEVER wear shoes: Emily Quesnelle

Best lifting face: Richard Glennie

Most likely female to RX at men’s weight: Alora Griffiths

Most likely to finish first in three AMRAPs in a row without breaking a sweat: Lauren Jarvis

Most likely to snatch with a cup of tea in hand: Patrick Crampton

LEAST likely to miss a social event: Becky MacDonald

Most likely to bruise a glute on a clean catch (it’s a tie): Jadon Hammill and Matt Strauss

Most likely to PR a WOD twice in the same day: Christine Gibson

Most likely to outrun an antelope: Carter Healy

Most likely to attempt a WOD on no sleep (another tie): Dave Banasik, and Jess Galati

Congratulations to all of our winners!!

In all seriousness, thanks to everyone that has walked through the door this year. You have helped us bring an old beaten up autoshop to life with your dedication, passion, positive attitude, and general awesomeness! From all of us at Royal City CrossFit, thank you so very much! You guys have been absolutely incredible. Looking forward to seeing more big things for all of you in 2014!!

Also, quick reminder that tomorrow and Wednesday, we are on holiday hours (11am class only).