Hey guys.

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for doing an awesome job at signing in to classes! The vast majority are signing up in advance and attending all of the classes you are signing up for. There have been a few of you who are signing in to more classes than you are attending. Just note that the burpee penalty is in effect for this as well: 25 for first time and an additional 25 each time after. So if you sign in, make sure you cancel in advance if you can’t make it. That said, overall you guys have done a great job adjusting to the new system and it is much appreciated!

Overall, punctually had been great as well. A note to the less punctual athletes, burpees will be in effect for repeat late comers. So please do your best to be on time.

If you have not done so already, be sure to register for the open and join team ‘Royal City CrossFit’.  If if you don’t expect to make regionals, it is great experience.

For those of you who attended Kathryn’s nutrition chat, there are some amazing paleo bars waiting for you in the fridge. Let your trainer know if you haven’t gotten yours yet.

Reminder also for anyone entering the paleo challenge, be sure to arrange a time to do your pre-paleo measurements and training if you are not able to attend between 10 and 1 on Sunday.

That’s all for now. Have a great weekend!!