Here we go, last open workout of 2014!

Castro threw a monster WOD at us for this one. There is no time cap, so everyone will have to complete the entire workout in order to submit a score. So far the range is of times to complete have been 8.5 min to 1.5 hour. As much as I would not wish an hour and a half of burpees and thrusters on anyone, if it takes you that long we will stick by you to the finish.

This one will take most people more than 15min so there will be some overlap on the open workout schedule. That said we will do our best to stay on time. We ask that you be on time but be prepared to keep warm for longer than normal.

From 12-2:30pm we will try to fit in everyone that has signed up for a timeslot. If you don’t get a timeslot online, you can sign in to open gym and be put on a waiting list which will be first come first serve. We will do our best to get through as many athletes as we can on Saturday. However, the better option would be to sign in for Sunday, which will be less busy and give us a better chance to stay on time.

Good luck everyone!!