Hey, just wanted to share a few announcements with you…

1. There will be some changes to the weekend schedule for July and August…

10am CrossFit
11am Combined Class (Bootcamp / Members Choice / Mobility)

11am CrossFit
6pm Combined Class (Gymnastics, Football, Mobility, Members Choice)

2. Our One-Year Anniversary is coming up! Come out and help us celebrate with a BBQ / Open House on Saturday July 26 at 12pm. Lots of great food, music, WODs, and giveaways. Details to follow.

3. T-shirts are finally being ordered this week and the proofs look great! We will be taking pre-orders to guarantee sizing soon. Will have final details in terms of pricing by the end of the week.

4. In the interest of keeping our box as clean as possible for you guys, we are changing our system of tracking WODs and rounds. We ask that you track your rounds using your workout journal, rather than writing on the floors with chalk.

That’s all for now. Thanks!