Exciting news!!

To show how much we appreciate you all helping to build our community at Royal City CrossFit, we are starting an Attendance Rewards Program starting in November. For each month you attend three or more classes for each week of the month, you will earn points which can be banked or cashed in for rewards.

The magic number is three. You are welcome to attend more than three classes per week, however only three per week will count towards your points.

The point system will work like this…

One Month = 10 Points
Two Months = 25 Points
Three Months = 50 Points
Four Months = 75 Points
Five Months = 100 Points
Six Months = 125 Points
Athlete of the Month* = 125 Points

*Athlete of the Month will be awarded each month based on: attendance, coachability, attitude, and athletic accomplishments

You will have an option to collect points as long as you wish and cash them at any time.


Daryl Bar = 10 Points
T-shirt = 25 Points
3 Class Pack = 50 Points
5 Class Pack = 75 Points
10 Class Pack = 100 Points
1 Month Unlimited = 125 Points