SKILL Warm-up:

20s hollow body hold (x3)
5×1 MU negatives – 30-60s rest between sets


MU Progression (To work on hip pop):
A) MU with feet directly under rings (False grip) – straight arms and use hips to pop up and drive through to stand up out of the MU (feet should never come off the ground) (15 singles)
B) MU Using band under bum – Straight arms focus on hip pop (10 singles)
C) MU with box in ring row position (False grip) – Focus on hollow body position, straight arms and use of hips (10 singles)

*We aren’t doing full MU’s…. even if the athlete is able to. We are only working on the skill for the MU (primarily the use of hips). Athletes must complete A before Bm then B before C.


30 Snatches (135/95)