Without further ado, I give you the 2014 Royal City CrossFitties…

Most likely to request Taylor Swift during a WOD – Katie McNamee
Most hilarious T-Shirt slogans – Tara Jones
Best caveman beard – Angus Keir
Most likely to recruit strangers off the street to the gym to raise money for air conditioning – Steph McKay
Most likely to make friends with you on your first day – Robin Angell
Most likely to climb two ropes simultaneously – Rowan McSherry
Most likable athlete – Shannon Westgarth
Most likely to finish first in a WOD with a foot in a cast – Tori Goulart
Most likely to finish Angie unbroken – Doug Gay
Most likely to miss the warmup: Dan Vitale
LEAST likely to sign in to the correct class – Pat Padovan
LEAST likely to know what his toes feel like: Brent Lipke
LEAST likely to miss a social event: Andge Horezcy
Most likely to concuss herself during a social event – Kelsey Rozon
Most likely to deadlift a school bus: Teo Schwartzentruber
Most likely to wear their CrossFit swag to the office: Julie Drapeau
Most likely to sleep-burpee: Lauren Jarvis
Most likely to get you obsessed with a new TV Series – Emmanuel Filippakis
Most likely to still be snatching at 100: Dawn Larson

Congrats to these folks on their back-to-back titles…
Loudest lifter: Jon Lippett
Sweatiest lifter: Madé Quay
Most likely to NEVER wear a shirt: Ethan Brown
Mostly likely to NEVER wear shoes: Emily Quesnelle
Most likely to attempt a WOD on no sleep: Jess Galati

Congrats to all our winners!

Thanks again for another great year at Royal City CrossFit. We are really lucky to have such a collection of great people who have become a part of our community.

All the best in 2015!!