We have posted an attendance rewards tracking sheet in the waiting area.

Here is the deal…

Attendance Rewards Program

That is right. Just by getting your butt to the gym, you get rewards!!

How It Works

If you attend three or more classes per week for a month, you accumulate points. The more consecutive weeks you attend, the more points you get…

One Consecutive Month = 10 Points
Two Consecutive Months = 25 Points
Three Consecutive Months = 50 Points
Four Consecutive Months = 75 Points
Five Consecutive Months = 100 Points
Six Consecutive Months = 125 Points
Member of the Month = 150 Points

Once you have accumulated points, you can either cash in your points for rewards or continue to stockpile them for up to six months.


Daryl Bar = 10 Points
T-shirt = 25 Points
3 Class Pack Membership = 50 Points
7 Class Pack Membership = 75 Points
12 Class Pack Membership = 100 Points
1 Month Unlimited Membership = 125 Points

The Rules…

You must sign in to the class for it to count.
You must be on time (ie, changed and ready to warmup at the class start time).
You must do the class WOD, or a version of it.
For our more experienced athletes, attending a member’s choice class will count towards your points.
There will be no rewards for attending more than three classes per week (ie, no stockpiling from week-to-week)
This only works for consecutive weeks. If you miss a week, your point collection starts back at zero. Sorry, no exceptions.