Congratulations to our athlete of the month for January, Matteo (Teo) Schwartzentruber. Teo is an accomplished field athlete and former rugby player who started training with us in November.

Simply put, he is a beast. In addition to his impressive plyo box preacher curls skills (on display in the above pic :p), he boasts a 515lb Deadlift, 210lb Snatch, and, a 315lb Bench Press. Given his prior training experience, his strength numbers were solid when he started. Since joining however, he has also seen major gains in his endurance and gymnastics movements, becoming the heaviest athlete at our box to get a Muscle-up.

His gains should come as no surprise with his incredible work ethic as he rarely takes a day off. Perhaps more importantly, he trains smart and knows when he needs a rest day. He is a great guy, an exceptional athlete and someone who we expect to have a brilliant future in the sport of fitness.

Teo, thanks for continuing to inspire our athletes and make us look good as coaches. Congratulations!