Alright, it’s game time!!

Well Castro hit us with a pretty crazy workout! This will be a 15min WOD. We have 15min time windows to work with. Obviously, time will be tight. We are going to stick with the timeslots you have selected and do our best to stay on time. In order for that to happen, we will need everyone to be ready to start on time. So please, arrive at least 15min prior to your timeslot to give yourself time to warmup and get your weights ready. Don’t be surprised if we are a few minutes late getting started, especially if you have signed up at a later time. Again, we will do our best to keep workouts running smoothly so we can stay on time.

There will be a warmup and strategy notes posted on the board.

We have had a few last minute sign-ups, so we are now up to 35 competitors! This is freaking awesome!! In light of this,  we have cancelled gymnastics class this week and added a few more open timeslots at the end of the day Saturday so we can accommodate everyone.

If you can’t get a timeslot that fits your schedule, contact us and we will figure something out.

In case you missed it last night, here is the open announcement with the epic Froning-Fraser battle…