• Reduce shoulder, hip, back, knee, or ankle stiffness or pain
  • Improve squat, overhead mobility
  • Improve performance
  • Improve recovery


8 Week Custom Designed Program based on your own needs, availability, and goals

Will include descriptions with video /images of the movements

Program will be completed independantly or with a workout partner either during open gym, during classes in the PT Room, or from home during off hours

The Program may be completed pre-workout, post-workout, or during off hours, depending on your goals & availability

The sessions will range from 20-60min 3-7 Days per week (depending on goals & availability)

The exercises will be a mix of self massage/releases, stretches, & active mobility work. Each program will be designed to increase active range & stability.

We will also provide some assessment tools to track progress.


1. Cost is $60

2. Complete attached questionairre & email to us by Sunday June 24.

3. Program will be emailed to you by July 1 & completed through July/August


1. List your goals in order of priority (Injury Prevention, Performance, Recovery)

2. List your target areas in order of priority (shoulders, hips, knees, ankles, other – specify)

3. Availability (include: home vs open gym vs PT room during classes; desired sessions per week; desired length of sessions)

4. If interested in home sessions, please provide a brief description of your home facility (equipment, space limitations, etc)

Please provide as much detail as possible to allow us to design the best program possible.

That’s All!