Congrats to our October Athlete of the Month Kyle Freiburger!

Kyle is an Air Canada Captain, who started training with us in April 2015. At the time, he was an avid golfer and was a regular at a conventional gym. Kyle originally found us through a friend and has been upping his fitness game at Royal City ever since.

He has had a long list of fitness accomplishments along the way, including muscle ups & proficiency at most of the other advanced gymnastics movements we teach. Most recently, in October Kyle hit a 185lb Clean & Jerk for a PR.

In addition to being a fitness badass, Kyle has been key addition to our community for his infectious personality & his welcoming nature when meeting new members. He always arrives on time ready to be coached, to get fitter, and inspire his swolemates.

As Athlete of the Month, Kyle is the recipient of a one month unlimited membership as well as a prize pack courtesy of Erik & our friends at Popeyes Supplements in Guelph.

Join us in congratulating Kyle. Keep up the great work man!