Proof of Vaccination

We currently require proof of full vaccination from all staff and members, as per the Ontario government’s public health requirements.

COVID Screening Questionnaire

Please fill out this COVID screening questionnaire before attending class. The form needs to be filled out the day of each class that you are attending. If you forget to fill the form out before class, you will be asked to answer the questions verbally to your coach, but then you will still be required to fill out the online form as we need a record of it to meet provincial guidelines. 

If you have tested positive for COVID-19 and have visited the gym within the past 14 days, contact the gym as soon as possible. 

Before Class

  • Members must reserve a space in class using the Zen Planner app. Attendance of members will be recorded for every class to support contact tracing efforts, should any COVID-related issues arise. You can sign in for classes up to 1 week in advance. 
  • Please try to reduce late sign-outs, especially for morning classes. Zen Planner now restricts sign-outs within 1 hour before class. If you are a no-show for class the missed class will count as one of your classes for the week. 
  • Please arrive for class a minimum of 5 minutes before the start of class and a maximum of 10 minutes before the start of class. This arrival window will provide enough time for the previous class to exit the gym before the new class enters and provide the coach with enough time to properly screen athletes and assign their stations. 
  • Members must arrive at the building wearing a mask. Your mask must be covering your nose and mouth. Three layer masks are recommended by Health Canada. 
  • Each member will be assigned a station for class. Each station is a minimum of 2m from other stations and has enough equipment for the member to participate in class without sharing equipment.
  • Masks must be worn until athletes are in their assigned stations. Please remove your outdoor shoes when you enter the building and take them to your station with you. 
  • Please use hand sanitizer as you enter the building. 
  • Members can fill up their water bottles using the water fountain but only if they are wearing a mask. Drinking directly from the water fountain is not permitted. 
  • We will keep the garage door open for air flow as long as weather permits and we are monitoring air quality using a CO2 monitor.

In-Class Protocols

  • Members must keep all of their belongings with them at their station, including boots and coats. There is a boot mat at each station. 
  • Your coach will be wearing a mask at all times. Since masks do make it a bit more difficult to hear people when they’re speaking, when the coach is addressing the class please refrain from touching your equipment/belongings or speaking with other members. 
  • If you need a piece of equipment that is not in your station, please let your coach know so they can get it for you. 
  • Liquid chalk is available at each station. You can bring in your own brick chalk, but please do not share it with other members and make sure you clean up all of the chalk after class. 
  • If you need to step outside of your station for any reason, you must be wearing a mask. 
  • Please do not perform any movements outside of your station during the workout. If you need assistance with re-arranging your station to create more space, please speak to your coach.

After Class

  • Spray disinfectant on all equipment that you have made contact with. Wipe the equipment using a reusable cloth. A reusable cloth will be provided to members while entering the gym. Please place the reusable cloth in the dirty cloth hamper by the front door on your way out. 
  • Use Swiffer (wet pads) or Lysol + your cloth to wipe the floor and wall ball targets.
  • Please do not spray the cardio equipment screens. Spray your cloth and gently wipe the screen.
  • Don’t forget to put your mask on before leaving your workout station.
  • Take all of your belongings with you.
  • Use hand sanitizer before you leave.
  • Floors will be mopped by RCCF staff twice per day. High touch surfaces and bathrooms will be cleaned regularly.

If you have any questions or concerns about our protocols feel free to reach out to us.