I went through some pretty insane workouts on my way to the Olympics. Craig’s training is right up there with some of the toughest workouts I’ve ever done. His laid back and creative approach makes training more fun. He constantly changes things up, keeps it fresh and keeps you guessing. Most importantly for me he has a way of making you want success for yourself rather than trying to sell you something you don’t want to buy.

– Andrew Ford, 2012 Olympian 200m Individual Medley

Chantique 3

I’ve been training with Craig Tschirhart since the beginning of my swimming season in September of 2012. Although many of the exercises were those that I had done in the past, the focus on proper technique to something as seemingly simple as a squat paired with intense AMRAP circuits created a completely different dryland experience. I was also exposed to power and strength exercises that I never thought I would be doing. As a sprinter, explosive power is a requirement, but was never something I focused on in the weight room. With Craig, I am not only focusing on these things, but improving them, it is a great aspect to add to my training. As a sprinter any and all improvements can make a big difference when it comes down to hundredths of a second. The great combination of the above with Craig’s constant positive encouragement makes every workout a butt kicking blast you can be proud to have accomplished!

– Chantique Payne, 8-time CIS Championship Medalist

Becky 1

I have been working with Craig for almost a year now. Having worked with many trainers before, and as a personal trainer myself, I’ve never met someone so dedicated, so knowledgeable, and so able to produce incredible and dramatic results. I recommend Craig to anyone looking to lose weight, improve their sport, increase their strength exponentially using tried and true methods, and gain a new lease on life. You will meet with a success uncommon to most and will be able to perform heads and shoulders above the rest. With Craig’s infinite ability to tailor a program to your unique goals and needs, he is able to deliver results. In less than a year, Craig has helped me achieve:

  • An amazing 100 lbs fat loss (14 dress sizes and 50% decrease in body fat), which focused on helping me make permanent changes and adapting “clean eating” into a busy family life (with kids!);
  • Incredible gains in both strength and endurance, comparable to competative athletes (increased my vertical jump by 2 ft, decreased my 5km time by 10 minutes, and obtained a 200% weight improvement in all of the major olympic lifts);
  • A renewed vitality and positivity in the way I approach my workouts and life in general; 
  • Stamina to approach any new situation with the determination that it is achievable and not impossible;
  • And most importantly, a whole new approach to fitness and health that is much more than a number of the bathroom scale.

From the moment I began working with Craig, he blew me away (and continues to do so each time we training) with his knowledge of losing fat and more importantly how he could get me to lose the stubborn pounds that were slowing me down. I am now leaner and stronger than I have ever been! I am forever grateful!!

In April 2012, when I first started my journey with Craig (which is far from over), I believed I was a woman in dire need of a radical physical makeover and losing weight and working out would surely help me achieve that goal. Of course, when you are so desperate for change, you look for efficiencies and I thought that having a trainer would help me get there faster. When I first spoke with Craig in my initial consult I did not know how much he would change my life, but over a 12 month period, Craig’s consistent and positive feedback and encouragement, helped me retrain my attitude while I retrained my body. In a short time, I gained the confidence to walk into any fitness center and lift weights…facing the mirror. Craig instilled that confidence and quietly discovered the athlete in me that I never knew.

Thanks for all you have done for my life!!

Rebecca Innes