For those of you who recently signed up for foundations, here is the schedule:


Monday 7:30am – Foundations 1
Tuesday 7:30am – Foundations 2
Wednesday 7:30am – Foundations 3
Thursday 7:30am – Foundations 4


Monday 9pm – Foundations 1
Tuesday 9pm – Foundations 2
Wednesday 9:30pm – Foundations 3
Thursday 9pm – Foundations 4


Saturday 8am – Foundations 1
Saturday 2:30pm – Foundations 2
Sunday 2pm – Foundations 3
Sunday 3pm – Foundations 4

You will need to sign up for one each of the four classes via the contact page. Your first class will be foundations 1. After the first class, the order you attend does not matter. You are welcome to mix and match mornings, evenings, and weekends however it may fit your schedule. Once you have completed your four foundations sessions, you are welcome to begin our CrossFit classes.