Sorry we are just a little late with these, but congrats to our October and November members of the month, George Mason and Madé Quay.


George has been crossfitting at Royal City since September and has put up some incredible numbers along the way, including a 290# jerk and a 515# deadlift. He also competed in the Best of the Best CompWOD open this year, holding his own against some of the region’s best crossfitters. George’s combination of natural athleticism and unwavering work ethic, make him a terrific inspiration to all of the athletes he trains with.


Madé has been a member with us since we opened in July. Since then, her attendance, work ethic, and coachability have been second to none. Her hard work has paid off as her name is in the top 5 on the PR board as much as any other athlete, with lifts including a 95# power snatch and a 135# Clean and Jerk.

Congratulations to you both. Keep up the great work!!