Exciting news! This coming Sunday at 11am we will be hosting a mobility/prehab workshop with Physical Therapist, Christina Nowak. Christina is also a competitive CrossFitter and has a ton of good info to share with you regarding maximizing performance and staying healthy. Her full bio is attached below.

The workshop is free to attend, but we ask that you register via Mindbody so we can plan accordingly.



As a physiotherapist and a strength and conditioning coach, functional movement is my passion. I see the pain management side of physiotherapy as a BandAid – we get your pain to go away and then we get you moving correctly so that the pain doesn’t come back. I fell in love with CrossFit after I finished University. I was a varsity cheerleader at U of T and tried out fitness competitions for a year. The sport was not for me – I love the community side of CrossFit and am an extremely outgoing person. I love hearing people’s stories and helping people reach their goals.

I completed my Masters in Physiotherapy in 2013 and started at South City Physiotherapy in Guelph and Element CrossFit in Mississauga as a new grad. I have been coaching at Element since December of 2013, treating since September 2013 and started a Mobility class that teaches injury prevention and management strategies.

I am committed to life-long learning and personal development. I have taken courses on Soft Tissue release, Mobilization with Movement, CrossFit mobility and continue to try and learn from the people around me.

I love competing in the sport of CrossFit and competed last year with team Outlaw North where we placed third in the Canada East Regionals. I won the UG series last year.

My goal is to establish a return to sport/ activity atmosphere where we can integrate the fields of rehab and strength and conditioning. I believe that the combination creates a more holistic picture for rehabilitation and is the best way to get you back to what you want to be doing most!