WOD: Wall Walks, Sprints, Partners

Wednesday Workout Of the Day


Wall Walks 5×3 – 60s rest in between


A) Z-Drill (Sprints) x 5 – 60s rest between

B) Partner WOD:
5 Rounds…
#1 – 200m Row
#2 – Max Rep Pullups until Partner #1 is done

*Score is Partner WOD time

Buy Out:
100 Box jumps

Coach’s Comments: With the wall walks work on transferring your weight onto one side to move your opposite arm, and then shift the weight back onto the other hand to move the opposite arm (like handstand walks). Keep a tight core! Toes and Nose should be the only things touching the wall at any given point.

Give it your all for the sprints, as there will be a lot of rest time provided. Do not try and pace yourself!